Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What are the top software companies in India to work for?

The company which not only provides the best software solutions to clients but also has the great culture, could be a choice to work for. There are bunch of companies in India considering start-ups to big giants, but the company with the help of which we can relate our study, we can get chance for good industry exposure and flexibility of ideas to convert into the work is the best company to work for.

I have been working at iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. an software development company in india since a long and it has covered all the aspects of mine in terms of work satisfaction. There some pillars to identify the work culture in any company. Let me get to you to those pillars in our company.

Company hires the best people which can suit with the culture of the company. Starting from interns to senior developer all are selected with best talent in particular domain. 

Company makes sure that all the employees know the vision and mission of company. If an employee doesn’t know about the vision it becomes just another job which doesn’t help in productivity at individual as well as organizational level.

Company very well knows that best decisions can come from anywhere. So company allows everyone to speak and understands the perspectives of all in order to take any crucial decision. Company has developed culture in such a way that all the employees can directly communicate with senior management for any silly doubts. The freedom of ideas and creativity is the key to create the exceptional product which can differentiate company from others. At usual times company engages a meeting where brainstorming activity happens among the employees.

Here all the employees work as a team not as a bunch of individuals. It becomes very essential thing for every employee to understand his contribution in a team towards a project assigned to him. Whenever he starts assuming himself as an individual in a team he starts breaking coordination which leads to imperfect product. 

Last but not the least, every employees here are given good incentives which motivates them to enhance their productivity every day.

Take a look at our portfolio where we display some of our work and case study on custom software development.

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