Monday, 5 December 2016

Getting Insights on IOT : Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things can transform almost every industry to change the way one lives and works. Organizations across industries face challenges to form infrastructures that meet the changing requirements of data management, scalability, regulations, and are highly safe and practical. Software development companies are taking special initiatives to adopt IOT platform.

IOT tailors solutions for various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, travel, utilities, and mining. It plays a very crucial role in development of Smart cities.

Internet of Things : IoT
(Microsoft, 2016) defines IoT as: The IoT, Internet of Things, starts with organization’s things, the things that matter utmost to their business. IoT is all about making the things and the ways the data comes together in new ways. Tap into data and uncover actionable intelligence. And modernize how to do the business. This is what Internet of Things is all about.

As per (WIPRO), following are the key differentiators that IoT platform offers :
  • Pay As You Grow with innovative as well as flexible service models
  • Experiment and Refine Your Strategy
  • Reduce Your costs with the rich streamlining and optimization expertise
  • Accelerated Time to Market using proven, ready to use tools
  • Ability to support a wide variety of devices through multiple communication channels
Steps to start with your own IoT Solution
(HCL) summarizes the implementation if IoT for any organization in following few steps :

Connect and scale with efficiency
Connect any asset that’s important to your organization— with confidence – from robotics to various low-power devices, across any platform or operating system.

Easily scale from a few devices to a few million.

Analyze and act on untouched data
Capture alarms and alerts from all of your connected assets spread around the world. Identify issues before they become operational problems.

Take advantage of advanced analytics and machine learning to increase reliability and availability of your processes. Decrease costly outages and expensive repairs with prescriptive maintenance. And, take pre-emptive actions instead of understanding just the “what” and “why” behind a prediction.

Visualize what’s important
Create rich reports and dashboards to show anything from high level performance KPIs to the details of an individual asset. Customizing visualization so the right people have access to the metrics that matter to them, updated in real-time.

Accessing data and reports from any device, anywhere; and publish reports to your organization.

Integrate with your business processes
Automate formerly manual processes by integrating IoT data with your existing business systems such as CRM, ERP, and supply SCM.

For example, if a product goes down at a customer site, a service ticket will auto-generate in CRM, from which numerous courses of actions can be assigned, such as notifying technician to fix problems, diverting the product, or shipping a replacement for your customer.

While the subject of IoT is broad and incorporates many trends and new technology developments, Software development companies in India are keeping pace with the global market by adopting IoT platform. It becomes essential for organizations to cope with and also handle Big Data in a cost-effective way. IoT platform helps operator and enterprise customers to capture value from business. It also demands to create massive amount of devices, sensors and connections and on other hand it will create enormous business value.

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