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ITIL Continual Service Improvement

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ITIL Continual Service Improvement
The ITIL Continual Service Improvement process focuses on quality management. The continual improvement process intends to continually improving the efficiency of IT processes and IT services, carried out in custom software development companies, in an effective way , as per the standard adopted of continual improvement adopted in ISO 20000

The objective of the ITIL Continual Service Improvement includes :

  • To review and analyze improvement opportunities in each phase of the continuous lifecycle
  • To review and analyze results of the Service Level achievement
  • To improve cost of delivering IT services effectively without sacrificing the satisfaction of customer
  • To identify and implement individual activities to improve the quality of IT services
  • To ensures that the appropriate quality management processes and methods are used to support the activities carried out for the continual improvement in a software development organization.

The activities of ITIL Continual Service Improvement includes :

  • Reviewing that the ITSM processes achieve the desired and qualitative results
  • Periodically demonstrate areas of improvement 
  • Conducting internal audits verifying employees and process compliance
  • Reviewing existing deliverables for relevance
  • Conducting external and internal service to identify CSI opportunities
  • Review management information and trend to ensure services are meeting the SLAs.
  • Periodically proposing recommendations for improvement opportunities
  • Periodically conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • Conducting service reviews i.e both internal as well as external ,to identify CSI opportunities

There are 7 steps followed in the ITIL Continual Service Improvement process.
They are as follows :

  • To define what data you should measure
  • To define what data you can measure
  • To gather the relevant data need for the continuous improvement
  • To process and filter the appropriate data
  • Analyze the data by choosing the relevant methods
  • To present/assess the data
  • To implement corrective actions for getting the quality information and improved data

The processes of ITIL Continual Service Improvement  includes :

  • Service Review
  • Process Evaluation
  • Definition of CSI Initiatives
  • Monitoring of CSI Initiatives

Service Review
The objective of service review includes :

  • To review business and IT services and infrastructure services on a regular basis.
  • To improve the quality of the IT services where necessary
  • To identify more efficient and economical ways of providing IT service where possible.

Process Evaluation
The objective of Process Evaluation includes :

  • To evaluate processes on a regular basis. 
  • To identify those areas where the targeted process metrics are not reached, 
  • Holding regular benchmarking, audits, maturity assessments and reviews.

Definition of CSI Initiatives
The objective of Definition of CSI Initiatives includes :

  • To define specific initiatives which focuses on improving services and processes, based on the results of service reviews and process evaluations.

Monitoring of CSI Initiatives
The objective of Monitoring of CSI Initiatives includes :

  • To verify and monitor improvement initiatives whether they are proceeding according to plan or not
  • To introduce and take corrective measures where necessary during the lifecycle.


ITIL Continual Service Improvement is relevant to organizations involved in the development, delivery or support of services, including:

  • Various Service providers – Internal providers and External providers
  • Software development Organizations that target to improve services through the effective application of service management to improve their service quality
  • Software development Organizations that require a consistent managed approach across all service providers in a supply chain or value network
  • Software development Organizations that are going out to tender for their services.

Conclusion :

Thus, the IT software development companies should use and implement the Continuous Service Improvement to improve and monitor IT service as a part of ITIL processes for increasing quality of the services and thereby increasing the value plus customer satisfaction.


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