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Users’ perspective in Software Quality - Part 1

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1. Introduction

In the last decade, the cost of software products has reduced, which leads to growth in the software application development companies in India and software products are being used by individuals in addition to the corporations. Thus, research in software engineering increasingly grows and focuses on software quality evaluation and growth, yet most of all these research focuses on the internal/ development perspective.

Since the market of software development companies interest is on the user’s satisfaction with more attention to the perspective of users in software quality is needed, the software users from different education background and culture are considered in developing software products and services. Therefore, by not considering these factors, the software will be less used, which means the software product failed in the market.

According to ISO9126, the main consideration of the users is the software usability, its effects and its performance without knowing what is inside it, how it works, or how was it developed. 
Since, the software users do not care about all of software characteristics that are required to identify the quality of the software product, but it seems to be not accurate to show them the quality that they are searching for. Thus, the quality of the software as users need is very important in the market.

2. Software Quality Models

Since 1978, when McCall proposed first software quality model and also several other models were proposed to check the characteristics of the software products. These models combined the different point of views of the Manager, the Developer, and the user. Thus, there is no clear image of the software quality shows to the users. For e.g., if such a software product has a high maintainability and low usability might be equal to software has a high usability low maintainability.

3. User’s Emotion Quality Models

On the other side, the effect of the software products on the user were considered and several emotions models were proposed. The aim of these models is to evaluate the software product from what the users feels when they use it. It either proposed a B2C model that calculates the emotions of the end users instead of software characteristics. The cognitive emotions were adopted in this model. 

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